Verta is a confederated target-based asset management company with AUM of €700M, looking to expand social impact in the UK. A 3.0, smoothly-integrated, values-driven wealth ecosystem group with a fastrack pipeline to €5B+ AUM built upon two founding pillars: people and sustainability. We are here to empower leading next-gen wealth stakeholders in promoting sustainable impact in their field of expertise.

Verta's ecosystem is composed by "Expertise Hubs" where its people will take active participation in the creation and extrapolation of value. A traditional banking offering (M&A, private equity and structured finance) will be complemented by strong positioning in the social investment, female empowerment & ESG segments.

Palm Drive Capital is built on the fundamental belief that innovators are everywhere. Great ideas deserve to be realized, regardless of their origin. They are not your average venture capitalists. Founded at Stanford and headquartered in New York, their investment philosophy blends west-coast insight with east-coast discipline. They are software specialists with an eye for innovation. Their search for emerging talent knows no bounds.

BGV is a global early-stage venture capital firm focused on Enterprise 4.0 innovation. The partners have driven successive waves of enterprise technology disruption and have years of company-building experience. They are usually the first and most active institutional investor in their portfolio companies. With offices in Palo Alto, Tel Aviv, Paris and Bangalore, they source deal flow from innovation hubs around the world.